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How You Can Help

As a non-profit organisation we heavily rely on people who share the same values as we do. People who love to support the cause of saving animals from difficult or life threatening situations and giving them a home where they can be safe, happy and healthy.

However, there is much more to this than meets the eye. We discovered that the animals are giving back to us in ways humans often can not perceive it easily. We will talk about this in more details later on.

So if you would love to get involved, we would be very happy to have you. You find several options underneath that might suit you to become actively involved.

Thank you for your heart warming interest.

Take In

Become a Sponsor

Food and Supplies

We are looking for people, farmers, corporations who would love to support us by sponsoring food for our animals.

Adopt an Animal

We are also in the process of creating sponsorships for particular animals, meaning you will be able to adopt an animal.

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 Show Up

Be a Volunteer

We have wonderful plans to that we can offer more access for the public to the sanctuary in future. We are looking for volunteers that have a love and expertise in what they love to do.

  • Building tent accomodations
  • Taking photos and videos
  • Cooking once the retreat is ready
  • Busy bees

to name a few. If you are interested to become involved as a volunteer, please let us know. 

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Give Back

Make a Donation

Like every drop of rain counts towards sustaining life, so does your donation to us no matter how small or big it might be.

We thank you from our hearts.

We are in the process of setting up this facility (the button above does not work yet). Please subscribe to our newsletter so that we can inform you about our progress. Thank you.

Speak Up

Spread the Word

We rely heavily on you to help us connecting with a wider community in order to showcase our sanctuary.

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