About Souls and Stars Sanctuary

One could think our story started on the 6. of January 2004, the day we became guardians of this wonderful place by buying these 650 ac of land, one hour car drive from Perth, that we now call “SOULS AND STARS SANCTUARY”. But …maybe it began in 2003, when we decided to take over a herd of 25 wild ponies, buying them on a Friday afternoon when their transport to the abattoir was already booked for Monday morning.

By this time we lived in a house in Perth’s suburbia and had not the slightest idea where to agist our 25 new family members. But that didn’t deter me from on-the-spot deciding to save their lives and trusting that our forever home was coming into manifestation soon.

I will forever remember the look on my husband’s face, coming back from a business trip and learning that the ponies I told him about few days ago are now living with us for the rest of their lives! But thinking of it, he should have seen it coming! Being together since nearly four decades I guess we know how the other one is ticking, and coming across an animal that needs rescuing always meant only one thing for me: a new family member.

This is how we grew, arriving in Perth in 2002 with our two children, a dog and three cats, flown over from Switzerland, where we used to live for 12 years. Very soon the eight-headed family doubled in numbers, and before long we counted over 180 rescued horses, ponies, dogs, cats, donkeys, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, roosters, chickens and ducks at our sanctuary.

And again: may be our story started way more earlier, with the girl that always, always wanted to become a vet, only to realise that she was not made out to deal with all the aspects this choice would require. So she decided to become a medical doctor instead, caring for humans in the field of psychiatry.

Many people ask me why I haven’t trained to become a vet (oh, I would have saved s000 much money!), but I think my purpose always was to be what I see myself as today: the connection, the bridge between humans, animals and nature.

My experience as a psychiatrist , my spiritual journey as an animal communicator and our gift to have manifested this piece of heaven are the earthly signs of a puzzle who’s pieces are coming together. Be it in the form of animal assisted psychotherapy sessions that I offer here, through workshops where people come together to learn and add to their already natural knowing, or retreats that give our participants the opportunity to connect with our rescued animals, other likeminded souls and certainly with nature that’s surrounds us in abundance.

And yes , giving a forever home to animals in need will always be a purpose of this place.

So if we meet up here one day, you will be welcomed to a place where one vibration is stronger than anything else: the right for every being to be exactly who they are. Many of our furry and feathered family member arrived with their stories of neglect or abuse and sometimes appear “strange”, but once they understand that this place is about love and respect for everyone, not correction of “unwanted” behaviour, they accept and are accepted, ready to bring their own uniqueness for us to experience.

Feel welcome to enjoy their presence, nature’s wisdom and humans who believe in and live in the big picture.


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