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Helping hands / paws connecting

Welcome to you all

Souls and Stars Sanctuary in Western Australia is much more than a “normal” animal sanctuary. It is a place of kindness where humans, rescued animals and nature meet to connect and grow together.

We very much rely on the kindness, helpfulness and generousity of people to be able to sustain this sanctuary. So thank you for stepping into our story and show your interest.

The Chicken Lady

We are rescueing hens from the chicken egg farms. When the chickens are a certain age, still very young, they are being disposed off.

We buy them from the chicken farms (yes, they do want money for them still), rescue them, bring them to our sanctuary and then find new homes for them as they are still very capable of laying beautiful eggs for you.

Email us if you are interested to give a new forever home to one or more of the chickens. We will get in contact with you once we have the next chicken run.

Chicken Coop - Helping hands and donations

Part 01 – Our journey begins

Our WILD PONIES It was in 2003 that we came across a herd of 25 wild ponies, agisted on a farmer's property as part of a "liquidation mass" from a rural business in bankruptcy. The truck was ordered for Monday, destination slaughter house, as these young, mainly...

Part 02 – LAST – The Stallion

Where were we? Right, there I was on Friday afternoon, over-the-moon happy new owner of 25 wild ponies and all I had to do was to find out where to place them. 🤔  At the moment they were safe at the farmers property, but that was a costly version as he had to charge...

Part 03 – The herd expands

Slowly it started to sink in, after the experience of having seven stallions turned into geldings and integrating them back into the herd with their pregnant mares, that I soon would need a space for 37 animals as the births of the foals couldn't be too far away. As I...

Part 04 – Moving to the Sanctuary

Seven months had passed since we became owner of 25 wild ponies, turning into 37 and agisted on someone else’s property, when we finally got the news: the beautiful place we were trying to buy became ours!I

05 – LAST is back!

For weeks the ponies had now been in their new, forever home, and had settled in nicely. They explored every paddock and bush part, found their favorite shady places and declared one area as their go-to night quarter. Slowly they formed smaller herds, 6 to 8 animals...

Part 06 – What! More foals?

Over a year had passed since we rescued a herd of unhandled healthy ponies, and it sounded like easy maths: 25 ponies plus 12 newborn foals equals a herd of 37 ...... until....... Until we drove over the paddocks one day - and couldn't believe our eyes: there on his...

Part 07 – Balancing the growth

When I started to tell the story about our wild ponies and how they came to us, I went back 17 years, and it doesn't seem like a long time at all. So...... we had just found out that, despite our best efforts, we had missed a stallion in the herd, had seen the second...

Our wild Ponies Now

So now that I have told the story of how we took a herd of wild ponies into our family, it might be also time to tell you really WHY. It was the day after I saw the herd for the very first time. On my way home from where they were agisted their images didn't leave my...

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