Slowly it started to sink in, after the experience of having seven stallions turned into geldings and integrating them back into the herd with their pregnant mares, that I soon would need a space for 37 animals as the births of the foals couldn’t be too far away.

As I never doubted that everything was happening exactly as it was supposed to, we got approached by a local who heard about the ponies and said his neighbor had a property of 100ac in the Toodyay shire he didn’t use at the moment, if we were interested to lease it for a while 😊. Oh yes!

So we ordered the truck, ironically the exact same truck that would have transported them all to the slaughter house, and off they went to spend the next months on this lovely piece of land with lots of shady trees and a beautiful lake to cool down.

This was were our first foal was born, and it was clear that he was LAST’s son. We named him MAGIC – his story will follow later. LAST by the way was doing really well, his wound started to heal and though he couldn’t put weight on his leg he managed to stay on the fringe of the herd without too much trouble.

So over the next months more and more mares gave birth to healthy, beautiful foals, and soon our herd was 37 ponies strong. As they were agisted an hour away from our place we drove to see them every second day and sat with them, slowly being able to tell them apart and giving them names.