Seven months had passed since we became owner of 25 wild ponies, turning into 37 and agisted on someone else’s property, when we finally got the news: the beautiful place we were trying to buy became ours!

I remember the day the real estate agent took me to visit the property for the first time, 650 acre of gentle undulating paddocks and bushland, only an hour drive from Perth. I was immediately in love with this special piece of land, no doubt that this was were I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

So finally it was time to order the truck again, but I promised our ponies: this will be the last time, no one needs to ever take you away again.

It isn’t the easiest task to convince wild ponies to walk into a stock transporter, guess you can imagine, but we did quite well on the first day, having to leave only five ponies for another transport the next day, when all of a sudden our beautiful LAST decided he had enough and jumped the 1.6m high cattle panels and the property’s fence and disappeared in a cloud of dust into Toodyay’s bushland. All we could do was watch him and hope that informing the ranger would help to bring him back to us.

So we ended up introducing only 36 ponies to their new forever home, but it still was a memorable moment. One pony after the other came bolting off the truck, the foals trying to keep up with their mums, and when the last one had left the vehicle the whole herd gallopped over the paddock,stopped and gallopped again and again. We were happy to see that no one seemed to be injured and it looked as if they really enjoyed the new wide open space.