So now that I have told the story of how we took a herd of wild ponies into our family, it might be also time to tell you really WHY.

It was the day after I saw the herd for the very first time. On my way home from where they were agisted their images didn’t leave my heart, and I decided: I have to go back there tomorrow and tell the farmer that I will rescue one of them!

I had one particular pony in mind, a beautiful painted mare with a two coloured mane who seemed to be leading the herd.

So back I drove the next day, after getting the not-too-enthusiastic ok over the phone from my husband, ready to pick the girl and feel a bit “good” about myself. Off I walked towards the paddock, and there she stood as if she was waiting for me: “my” beautiful girl.

But then something happened that I wasn’t prepared for………. out of the herd walked a very old looking black mare, her fur hanging in pieces and her legs so misformed that walking seemed to be a real challenge for her.

She had a little brown boy at her side, and as I was standing there at the fence, she came straight over to me, looked at me and started …… talk.

Not loud though, but I could hear her words so clear in my head that I knew they were not mine.

She said : ” Hello…….. It is very important that you take all of us. And this is not for us. It is for you.”

A little while ago I had started learning about animal communication, but there was a lot of doubt still in my head.

But at this moment, whilst I was standing there listening to the girl I later would name Hannah, there was no room for doubt.

So I drove home again on this Thursday afternoon and still couldn’t really understand what just happened, but I knew I had to act in exactly this way: I had to rescue them all!

And here I am, 17 years later, and finally understanding Hannah’s words. So many people had asked me over the years why we had so many ponies, and most people guessed that we were breeding and selling them as riding horses. They often were surprised to hear that I would never part with one of them and that their purpose was to be loved.

But now I know it is more than that: I am supposed to tell their story, so that other people listen and understand that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

It doesn’t matter what your dream is, if you trust your calling you will be lead to make it happen!

This is what I want to share with people how come and visit us, people who will participate in our workshops and retreats and people like you who have read their and my story to the end!